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My husband and I ordered a couch from Restoration Hardware on August 21st. We were told it would take 45-60 days in order for us to get the couch.

Fine, we can wait. When we emailed to find out about the status of our order, we were told that the order never went through and the deposit was never made. This was 3 weeks after we placed the order. Why didn't anyone contact us about it?

Fine whatever, we'll still get our couch in 45-60 days, right? 60 days come and WE had to email them about the status. A day later we get an email response stating that unfortunately, it'll be another 30 days before we get the couch!! We did NOT receive any about this until WE contacted them.

Talk about keeping your customers abreast of their orders.

Now they want to give us a $200 gift card to compensate. I just want my *** couch!

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The same thing happened to me with a lamp. I wanted to give it to my husband for his birthday.

They delivered half of it and when I called they said that the lamp was now backordered. After waiting 4 months, I called them to pick up the part they had delivered and the huge box it was in.

They kept prolonging delivery for 30 days at a time for me too, but didn't tell me until I called to check in. They never offered me a gift card and I will never order from them again. The service on the phone was friendly, but no one helped me get the lamp. Unfortunately, I have to recycle their catalogs now.


I agree, worst company ever!!! I have been put on a list for a recall for the monastary dining table for over 9 months now. I have paid in full for the table and it's at my house, i am just waiting for replacement. I realized today they charged by credit card $1500.00 about 10 days ago for the replacement that they had a recall on.

I was furious!! So I called customer service. The lady on the phone basically was trying to tell me the charge was becuase I had two tables. I was like am I missing something?!! I only have one table and I am waiting for a replacement. I did not authorize any charge! She tried to explain that they were going to waive the charge once I got the replacement table. This again was me calling 10 days after the charge had been made and I had no replacement table. So let's see they charge you for having two tables in your house for 10 mins while the delivery people swap them out.

I can't believe this Company!!! After spending thousands of dollars they do not have the customer service to back it up. They are horrible. I will never shop there again after this. Good bye restoration hardware!!

I hope you learn that your customer's are being treated like this and make some adjustments.

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