I liked the look of the "warm white sconce," and ordered one to see if it was as advertised. It wasn't.

Although whites vary a lot the picture shown several times was that of a true/cool white. My sconce was a pale yellow and when I asked if this was an anomaly, or if they were all this color I was told that yes, they were cream. Then, the sconces went on sale the next day for $90 under the original price, so I tried to order 4 more knowing I would just paint them, as I liked the shape. Although the 10 "warm white sconce" was advertised from $219 to $129 on sale - picture and all, when you go to buy it, it comes up $179.

If you look at the pictures of each sconce, it clearly states which ones start at $129, $179, and $189. Well, this was way, way, too much for RH to solve. Forget how it was advertised, about a hundred times they told me the sconce was $179 (because that is what the click came up) even though it was advertised as $129. I don't know what they would do if they had a difficult problem.

There was another issue but I don't even want to talk about that. Just to say, when something goes on sale - be careful. We rely on companies to get it right and we may not catch that the "add to cart/click" is a different price because we are focused on the sale price that is advertised - with the picture next to it. We are all so busy it is an easy thing to miss.

Then trying to get an order returned or cancelled is again, way, way, over their head. I'm over RH.

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