TERRIBLE customer service and shipping ability. I ordered a bed that was not back ordered and was set to ship on time (30-45 days).

Once the delivery date passed, i called customer service to learn that it was another month delayed (and by the way, they were sorry no one remembered to tell me).

Another month goes by, the date came and went, and i called again to learn it was another 6 weeks delayed.

I have since checked in on it twice and was promised it was still going to ship as planned.

That date came and went today... and when i called to check on the status, they once again pushed back the date another 2-3 weeks (and again, were sorry that no one remembered to tell me about the further delays)

All in, i am waiting well over 4 months for a standard headboard. I ordered one from Pottery Barn, it shipped 5 days later and was at my house within the next week. Will try to avoid Restoration at all costs

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Absolutely terrible,

A shipment that I was told would take 1 week is now up to 6 weeks.


Ditto your experience. Good call on Pottery Barn. Wish I'd gone with them instead.


I've been waiting 8 months for a chair & ottoman. They've pushed back the date 8 times. Beyond annoyed.


I ordered leather bedroom chest and this 3,000.00 piece was delivered damaged. The lower drawer did not open , the leather was scratched and gouged.

The overall experince was horrible for such a high ticket item.

The overpriced deliver service it a rip off. I will never purchase from this company again.


Wow, this company is HORRIBLE! I cannot believe how they continue to say the order is on it's way to call 2 weeks later to say there has been a delay?


I am cancelling my order. I would avoid this company at all costs, unless you have a year to wait for it to be in your house!


I received a call that my vanity which was scheduled to arrive 2/11, is now pushed out to April.

I will have to decide whether to cancel the order. Do I really want to have it pushed in April to October?

My parents are 84 years old, could be dead by the time it's delivered.

It's an incredible way to run a business in an economy where supposedly no one is spending money.


I just found out my delivery which was initially supposed to take 2 months, then changed to 4 months, has not been changed to 6 months. The only way I would know any of this is because I had to call each time to check on the delivery status.

Restoration Hardware has the worst customer service when it comes to orders and deliveries that I have seen in a long time. They should be horribly ashamed and embarrassed.

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