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My Interior designer & I were at RH & took samples, but ordered more for a bed & a rug. Two weeks later my designer emaiked the sales associate we worked with to see where our samples were but she didn’t hear from her.

The next day I returned the samples I had & I talked to the manager about not hearing from the sales person about not receiving the samples. He checked the computer & said there wasn’t an order for us but he would talk with the sales person. A week later my interior designer sent another email but had no answer from the salesperson. She called her a week later & the sales person said she was going into a meeting & would call her back.

She didn’t. Then she called the manager but he made no attempt to apologize or to help my designer. I was so disgusted with their lack of customer service I wrote a letter to all four of the principles of the company. A few weeks later a had a call from a representative of the company in another state who said she would deal with this problem.

At this point I told her I was not interested in buying anything from RH with such terrible customer service. She apologized but I told her it would have been better if the manager & the salesperson I dealt with would apologize. A week later I had a voice mail from the sales associate that she had my samples with no apology. This was a good laugh for my designer & me.

I will never buy any thing from RH.

There are too many furnitures stores that want my business & act like they do. If I were the person who was responsible for the store manager & sales representative I would fire both of them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Restoration Hardware Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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