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RH is a disgusting business based on GREED. They are terrible to their walk the line of legality in regards to how their delivery employees.

They work 15 hour days 6 a week for one daily flat pay! They give them likely illegal weights to carry for MOST of their deliveries and place them in impossible situations. They expect them to completely injure themselves by sending them to do jobs they know are not physically possible, because the delivering employee would be charged if they refused to do a delivery for ANY reason. Add to that the AUDACITY, they have to charge the delivering employee for any damages to the products even if it was RHs fault they were placed in a situation that didnt follow their guidelines.

Is it not DISGUSTING to hold your terribly low paid employees to pay for furniture you know they could never afford themselves? Customers are so often disappointed because of the way they run their business but the blame gets placed on the low class employees delivering and RH lets it happen.

With the amount of money this company makes, they conduct themselves like a bunch of incompetent clowns. Their products are insanely priced and with that, should be delivered with a white gloves service.

User's recommendation: Choose someone else, this business isn’t worth it.

Restoration Hardware Pros: Beautiful products.

Restoration Hardware Cons: Terrible customer service, Delivery service, Greedy people.

Location: 1913 North US Highway 301, Tampa, FL 33619

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