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The shipping label said it all. Disappointed that I hadn't purchased European made furniture let alone at least American made.

$440 ($100 off the normal $550) + 125 for shipping + 35.75 in Texas sales tax. Then after two weeks for delivery I see that I dropped 600 bucks for a mirror made in CHINA!!!!! Really??? I will buy locally now.

There are great artisan austin based stores that sell local dressers and other case-goods. Really shocked to read as well as all the horror stories that people have been having with this outsourced furniture *** that is being sold.

This will be my only order and last order. If I want to buy made in China made furniture I would go to Wallmart and Sears!!!

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New Port Richey, Florida, United States #938002

We ordered 3 chandeliers and couldn't believe it! Just delivered 2 of the clear base floor lamps today and had no idea the wire is just left there running down the clear glass????

Black too, not even clear. Really? Shows so well online too. What a joke!!!

Not buying anything unless I see it in person either! Serious $$$ for junk. Although the chandeliers look awesome and are made well. But then again, they're iron.

Can't really mess that up! But they did tell us we're on on own when it comes to finding someone to install those heavy monsters.


They never said the items were made in France/Italy/etc. They said the designer of the item was from that country.


:? You tell it my friend. Please buy USA made products.

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