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I am currently conducting research in a litigated matter involving Restoration Hardware ( ). In short, I am trying to reach out to anyone, primarily in southern California, although I would be interested in talking with others, that might have had similar issues, regarding damaged products and/or delivery problems.

I see multiple other complaints on this site, Pissed Consumer, but due to the limited identification and no available contact information for users, I would be grateful if anyone with a negative experience in regard to receiving damaged furniture items from the delivery would contact me. I would like for anyone willing to speak with me to call me at 949-284-6230 or email me at

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Restoration Hardware Cons: Damage items.

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Southern Arizona and have had over 14,000.00 in *** *** purchases and damaged stuff. They are literally the worst. I will email.


So basically you want to see how many people have the same issue to see if you can start a class-action lawsuit.