I am a first time customer of RH and I wish I had looked into the company prior to purchase. I am having an issue with the Large Library Media I purchased Nov.

1 2015. I was told it would be a 3 wk wait for delivery. At three weeks I called to inquire and was told it has been put on back order and would not be available for delivery until Early Jan.and...THE DATE IS ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!! Most of the reviews I read are regarding delivery date changes.

People are waiting 6-8 months for delivery?!?! I might add that most items arrive damaged and have to be returned for another 3-4 months wait on a replacement!!!!! The item I bought is a final sale item. How can you sell something you don't have in stock as final sale?

I can't get my money back. Had I known this I would never have purchased the item. How is this company still around?!?! I am hoping that I don't become one of the 8 month waiting victims only to be disappointed with damaged goods.

But it looks like the situation is headed that way. This company knowingly made a delivery date on an item that has not even been made yet.

They get their hooks in and keep you hanging there waiting and praying you don't get screwed. Terrible feeling.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Location: Holland, Ohio

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Why do you say you can't get your money back? Do a charge back on your card for item not received.


all furniture is made in China thats why a customer waits so long, all like Wayfair Lillian August, RH and many other , I had ordered a 2,999 Table from Joss & Main it took 4 months after arrival it was cheap ***... from China Looked like a Picnic table , I complained and said I know its a knock off from an original ,,made in China,,they agreed to refund me

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