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In January of this year I purchased a dressing table from Restoration Hardware. I stayed home from work to wait for delivery.

It arrived damaged. They agreed to replace it, but still had exceptionally unflexible delivery policies ("We only deliver to your area on Wednesdays") and required that I again *** a day from work for delivery of replacement of the damaged item. I did that. Right after the deliverymen left, I was putting items back in and saw 3 large gashes in the wood on the bottom front.

So I had a 2nd damaged item. Restoration Hardware again agreed to replace the item, again with the same unflexible delivery days and time. I again stayed home from work. They promised me a slight credit (not as great as the difference between the current reduced sale price of the item and what I paid), and a $250 gift certificate.

The 3rd delivery was not damaged. The gift certificate required that I charge $250 to Restoration Hardware and wait to be reimbursed (Imagine giving someone a gift like that, how horrible would that be...never buy Rest Hard gift certificates!!). It's been several weeks and Rest Hard has STILL NOT credited my Visa debit card with the $250 I charged in another purchase to them. (Despite repeated promises that they wouldn't charge the full amount of over $400 when I complained, they did..and now they won't credit me).

So they caused me to lose 3 days of work and to pay them over $400 in what they call a "gift" to me!!

DON'T EVER SHOT AT RESTORATION HARDWARE. The most recent people who have lied saying they wouldn't keep my money are: Lynette, Danielle, and most recently Stacey Ogle at 877-777-**** x 4869.

Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut

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My mother in law accidentally threw out the Restoration Hardware gift certificate we gave her for Christmas, with the wrapping paper. I had the original receipt, so I headed into the store for a replacement.

Come to find out they do not refund nor replace Gift certificates. Apparently they have no way to track if the pice of paper had been redeemed. Funny business practice to not have an accounting department tracking transactions.

Suppose I find some card stock and print my own, or buy a $5.00 certificate and write in a few extra digits and get my $250.00 after all. I can scam them like they scammed me!


To Whom It May Concern:

I am certain that I have never interacted with a company that has poorer customer service or seemingly inferior business practices. I ordered the Harper storage wall from your company in early July 2011. It arrived at my home via Excel delivery service with reportedly a broken base for one of the 6 pieces. The remaining 5 large pieces were left scattered throughout my daughter’s room making the bedroom unusable. Upon contacting your company, I had to act as the informant that a base was broken. After several phone calls, I was told that I must contact Excel to pick-up the remaining 5 pieces and that the entire unit would be reshipped. Excel gave me a pick-up date of 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile, my daughter’s room is unusable. After several more phone calls to your company, we were able to shorten this interval to slightly over a week. While frustrated, I still felt confident that the new furniture would arrive shortly.

The second shipment never reached my home. Your company sent me an email stating that I should expect a call from Excel to schedule my next delivery. This call did not arrive. I contacted Excel and was told that the product arrived at their facility damaged and therefore would not be delivered. Again, your company was ignorant of this information and I acted as the informant relaying it to your company. My trust in your company is now tarnished.

On October 8, I received my third notification that the Harper storage wall was being delivered. I was contacted by Excel and a delivery date of October 15 was established. When my merchandise was not delivered, I called Excel and was told that they never received the shipment from your company and that Restoration Hardware should have advised me. Again, I contact your company. Again, your company was ignorant of this information. I was told that the shipment was delayed due to weather in Colorado and would soon arrive. After a week, I called your company to inquire about the expected delivery date. Again, it took me several phone calls to be informed that your company had lost a 94"W x 19"D x 70"H piece of furniture and that I could expect my next attempted delivery in January 2012.

At no point has your customer service appoligized for the disservice I have received or been sympathetic to my frustration. Indeed, I have had difficulty having anyone from your company return my calls to update me on the status of my order or offer solutions. I have not even been given a small gift certificate to try compensate me for my time and disappointment. I am amazed that a company which such poor service and poor business practices remains viable. Your company has now lost $9,000 due to damaged and lost goods. I can only assume that your merchandise is over priced to compensate for such.

I am a busy mother of 2 toddlers and a full-time surgeon. Most of my shopping is done on line due to these time restraints. I, however, have spent more an exuberant amount of time and energy dealing with your company and still have not received the ordered product. Your company should reexamine the way it treats its customers, constructs its products and ships it merchandise as all of these areas are inferior.


These comments reflect my experience, as well -- I will never purchase anything from Restoration Hardware again. 5 1/2 months ago, we ordered a sofa and armchair.

These are custom items, and have to be manufactured specifically for us. Fine. They promised 6 to 8 weeks. They delayed the order not once, but twice, so that it took 3 1/2 months to receive the items.

Then, upon delivery, I could tell in the first second I saw it that there were stains and scuff marks all over the sofa (uh, quality control, anyone?). We asked for a replacement sofa, which again had to be custom ordered. So then, 6 months after the original order, the day before the replacement sofa was to be delivered, the delivery service calls to tell me that there are black stains all over this sofa, and they're returning it to Restoration Hardware, and ordering ANOTHER replacement sofa, which will again take 3 months to get -- for a total of 9 months wait time from when the original order was placed. Unacceptable.

I call RH myself, and they offer me $250 cash back off the order, or a $500 discount on the stained sofa if I want to keep that. They wouldn't budge any further than this, even though it was going to take 9 months and over $3500 to simply get a living room set (that is, if that 3rd replacement sofa hadn't come with stains as well, like sofas #1 and #2 did). I told them to come and pick up the armchair, that we are returning everything and canceling the entire order. After I pushed further, explaining how utterly inadequate their attempts to satisfy me as a customer were, they agreed to give me a $150 gift certificate towards a future RH purchase.

Like I will ever go near their store again. This company totally failed, across the board, and I am outraged.


Restoration Hardware needs a new delivery company. I ordered a piece of furniture from RH and received a Call from the delivery service to schedule a time for delivery, after setting the date I then received a call the day before giving me a time window for delivery.

After taking off work and waiting over 4 hours I realized I was stood up. I then called the delivery company which I found out closes at 3 pm.

When I call Restoration Hardwares customer service I was given no explanation but rather was put on hold for 20 min just to be told that he called and could not reach them due to it being past 3. You would think a company like RH being so large and selling pricy items would be able to have a little control of delivery well at least be able to contact them past 3, it's something they might want to reconsider because their customers will not keep returning due to their delivery companies un professionalism.


I hate this store. I returned my first purchase because the drapes didn't fit well.

After two weeks, still no refund. What the heck to do business like this? I called them and was told that it will take another 7-10 business days to refund.

The whole process takes almost the whole month. Their products are not that great neither.


Restoration Hardware

OVERCHARGED me $3,800+!!!!!!!

I ordered drapes, rods, and 2 lamps from Restoration at their Columbus, OH store. After a comedy of errors--everything sent to me was WRONG--100% their fault, and I have it in writing-- they have overcharged my checking account more than $3,800!!!! Funny how they can take your money instantly, but it takes 7-10 business days to return! I'm still waiting...They never offered me any gift certificates to make up for lost time, MONEY and TOTAL INCONVENIENCE.

I've decorated 2 houses in 4 years. I've never had this trouble. I will NEVER EVER AGAIN purchase from them. ***, b/c their stuff is so great.

Their loss.

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