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We bought a Restoration Hardware Pillar Chandelier - list price over $1200. While changing one of the light bulbs I broke the plastic socket. Sent RH an email asking where I could buy another socket. Here's what we got back:

"Thank you for contacting Restoration Hardware. I have assigned you a customer profile number of 4762937 for this inquiry. The socket for our Pillar Candle Rectangular Chandelier is not available as a replacement part. This is because it is an electrical component. You will need to order a replacement chandelier by clicking here. I apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience that this may cause you.

Please let us know if you need further assistance via email at webcs@restorationhardware.com or by calling (877) 777-7059.

Again, thank you for contacting Restoration Hardware.


Mehgan Oehninger

Customer Care Advocate

Restoration Hardware"

Oh, OK, instead of a $.50 part RH says "buy a new $1200 chandelier" - what planet are they on? We're done with them.

Review about: Restoration Hardware Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Ouch. I read or message as I was getting ready to call regarding a replacement part for my ceiling fan.

fortunately, they had one at a good price and they sent it within 1 business day.

they seem pretty inconsistent with replacement parts, but you may have just had terrible luck


Same thing happening to ours.

Bought the same chandelier and now two of the 22 lights are inoperable.

Extremely Disappointed in the quality of this expensive fixture.

Birmingham Al


Considering they're already so ridiculously overpriced that is outrageous. Apparently, they needed to make more money by not manufacturing any replacement parts for their own products. Sounds pretty darn greedy to me.

to Anonymous #1156119

RH doesn't manufacture the items. They purchase them from the manufacturer and if the manufacturer doesn't want to make spare parts then RH doesn't have a way to get them.

Also it's a liability issue.

If RH gives someone a spare socket and they try to replace it themselves and get shocked they can try and sue RH. Hence why RH does not supply electrical parts for anything.


I also bought an expensive light from them. I needed the latch hardware - nothing to do with electrical. I got the same BS response.


me. same thing happened to me with a bathroom faucet

San Francisco, California, United States #677552

Did you know that their lighting is UL-certified? This means that all components and even the lamp is tested rigorously to prevent electrocution or fire to the customer. Perhaps you should contact a local electrician and they can fix the lamp for you AND you'd be supporting your local economy.

Titusville, Florida, United States #665434

The e-mail response seems to think all you need is a part which infact RH cannot supply replacement electrical parts due to liability. Try calling customer service.

They'll have the chandelier picked up, returned and refunded and a new one recharged and resent. No big deal.

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