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Assuming the furniture we are ordering from Restoration Hardware is being delivered from here...otherwise, this is a general Restoration Hardware review about their furniture and service.

To preface, in my opinion, people who write reviews often do so to set out with a negative view. While individual assessments should be balanced (the good and the bad), I am inclined to let the 'bad' slip; I realize mistakes happen.

In saying that, here's my Restoration Hardware story.

In the past year, we have spent close to $13,000 (USD) in online orders from Restoration Hardware. If you include freight charges, it's more. This figure excludes the items we have purchased in-house New York or Portland, OR stores (over the past year, an estimate totaling $4,800). In the scheme of business, we are little people. I know my purchases do not make or break Restoration Hardware as a company. In other words, if we never purchase an item from them again, it's no skin off their back. But, somehow, of almost all of the furniture stores out there, I TRUST Restoration Hardware.

Here's what's happened, since orders from late May 2014 until today, May, 2015:

1. Our Camino Vintage Chandelier came partially cracked. We didn't notice it until we were having it hung (it sat in the box for 6 wks until we opened it). We were having a dinner and had removed our other chandelier in the dining room. When we removed it from the box, we noticed a huge crack. We kept it, at our own expense, and paid almost the same price we paid for it to have it welded back together. Now it is fine. But we needed it welded that very day. Was it a mistake to keep it in the box for six weeks? Probably.

2 One of our four Vintage Toledo Chairs was cracked within days of assembling it. No one over 170 lbs sat on the chair--at that point, only my husband, myself and one of my two children, 4 and under (of course not together). Although they look beautiful, one has a crack. I never complained because I figured it was too much of a hassle (again, a mistake on my end). We had someone come in and insert a pice of wood and he stained it. You can tell the difference, but it's not a huge issue. We ordered cushions to cover it up.

3. On March 29, 2015, I ordered an outdoor sofa for our covered porch. As I previously mentioned, I am pregnant; meanwhile, we have a home in The South, where it gets very hot. I figured the best way to deal with the heat when we can't be fully indoors anymore is to be able to sit outside and the ability to have our friends over who can join in. That was my vision for the summer. I figured when we ordered the sofa, it would take about six weeks. I was correct. My order confirmation for the 77" Conta Costa Sofa was on or before June 3, 2015. A little later than I expected but again, I justified that we'd have all summer to sit out there (baby due July 1, we'll really need it by then). All was going well; I even special ordered the cushions to go with it (in which I initialed that they were non-returnable since they were considered a special order). So far, so good. A few days ago, I logged on to see my order history (specifically for a different piece of furniture) and saw the date had been moved to "On or before August 3". So, Restoration Hardware has a deposit for half (about $1,400) plus the full price of the cushions that are still in the box (I hope they turn out okay when I remove them), taking up space in a nursery closet and $1,325.00 being wasted just sitting there. That's great, Restoration Hardware! You get to keep our money, with no worries, while we sit on the ground in the confines of our covered deck for 2.5 more months. The part that gets me is they suggested I get a refund and move on. Fine, except for now it's really too late to order from anywhere else. You see, it's close to summer when inventory on high quality furniture is low. So if I order today, May 14 from a different place, it's likely not to arrive until early August.

Now, for the bunkbed. My children are making way for a new sibling and due to some sleeping issues, we thought it would be nice to move them into a shared space. Back in February (2015), I ordered the Callum Platform Full-Over-Full Bunk Bed. I ordered a few months early in case there were a few weeks needed for delivery. About six weeks later, I received an email stating that I would soon be contacted for delivery. Two weeks thereafter, the bed arrived. The bed was being assembled by the delivery company and the final piece--the headboard--was being taken out of the box. What did it have? A crack. Of course, a crack! I refused the order and requested a replacement. Now, it's three months later and still no bed. Today the second headboard was delivered. The same gentlemen from the delivery company pulled up and joked that it better not be cracked. We opened the box. They treated it like a newborn baby. There was a huge crack, plus a piece of wood ripped up on the headboard. Now, my children are sharing a bed (we gave one of their beds to our nanny) and it's a disaster. They don't sleep and because of this, neither do we. When I called to see what could be done ASAP, I was told to have them assemble the bed so we could use it and they'd send another replacement piece. I was told it would be two weeks until they could send out another one. My husband suggested we order another bed. I agree with him, but here's the situation Restoration Hardware has put us in: we need beds now. The other furniture stores have delivery dates of June 1 and beyond. Do we risk it?

The best part is, we are getting ready to furnish our Barcelona home. I had the Restoration Hardware catalogue all ready to go for orders. My husband tossed it.

If I were reading this review, you know what I'd think? I'd think the person writing this is a total ***. Stop order stuff from Restoration Hardware and move on!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Restoration Hardware Pros: Furniture and bed linens.

Location: Jackson, Mississippi

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