I have quite a bit of Restoration Hardware items in my house, faucets, pulls, towel bars & hooks. I have never purchased furniture.

I was going to purchase a coffee table ottoman that is about 48" W x 28" D x 17" H (it would have fit in my husbands truck or the back of my sedan). The shipping was a flat rate of $199. I inquired about the shipping charge (most other competitive companies are charging between $30-$75 dollars) and the store clerk said they charge a flat rate no matter what the item/s are. I can understand feeling like you are getting a deal if you are purchasing a whole new living room or dining room set but ONE ottoman, $199 seems excessive.

When I wrote to customer service, the response I got was pretty much the same, "Please know that shipping and handling fees cover all costs related to the processing of your order, the handling and packaging of the merchandise, and the carrier fees. We make every effort to keep our customers informed about the cost of our shipping by making our rates available online and in our catalogs, and we only charge what is necessary to support our business. We are, therefore, unable to reduce or eliminate our shipping and handling fees."

This response is a complete crock of you know what. I checked with some other carrier companies and UPS and their cost is a fraction of that $199. I haven't purchased anything from Restoration Hardware for a couple of years, I now won't be purchasing anything based on their lack of customer service. Maybe the company isn't doing so well, that is why they have to make a margin on shipping. Buyer beware!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Restoration Hardware Cons: Terrible customer service, Telephone customer service.

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I won't purchase anything again from Restoration Hardware either. I bought a scrabble game for the wall.

And the shipping was 199.00. I couldn't believe it!

They have a lost my business !!!


I wanted to buy a bath rug but the store had no sample or swatch. They told me to just buy it online and return it if I didn't like it!

I pointed out I would pay over 25 dollars for a few rugs that cost in total over $100. I got the identical bs from them that you did. What a joke this co is.

And the sales people are rude and indifferent - guess they don't need my $.


Actually there is no margin on shipping. Saying UPS delivers the same item for less is misleading because UPS doesn't deliver this item through RH!

This coffee table ottoman is delivered by a furniture delivery service. These guys use a freight truck, have it unpacked at your home, brought inside and placed in whatever room you want on the 1st or second floor, and remove any packing material. Sure, if it shipped UPS you'd pay a lot less, but then you'd have a coffee table sitting in a giant wooden crate on your doorstep with no help to get it inside.

The $199 shipping covers shipping to your local warehouse, scheduling, driving to your home, unpacking, placement and packing removal. That is a lot.

That is why it's $199. Yeah, it seems like a lot bigger bargain when you are getting multiple pieces, but to bring up UPS when they aren't even part of the equation is misleading/uninformed.

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