It is now June 7, 2016 and since 2015 I’ve been trying to work with Restoration Hardware and the company that issues their credit card, Comentity Bank to resolve a billing error on my credit card statement with no avail. The fact that I’m still being charged $858 for items from 2014 that I had to return twice, that were sent out to me TWICE incorrectly speaks very clearly of the type of company RH is.

Time and time again I’ve given them chances to correct their errors. My 1st experience dealing with an order from RH (order H56193**** placed in December of 2014) was delivered to me incorrectly, so I ordered it again and AGAIN the order was still wrong so I went online and complained and I was contacted by Joseph Novacek who offered me a $500 gift card for my troubles, I had waited over 6 months for dining room chairs only to receive the incorrect ones TWICE but that’s not what this complaint is about. This complaint also isn’t about the cracked wood that I have on my RH modern MONTEREY 4-DOOR MEDIA CONSOLE THAT I ordered back in December of 2015 that I’m still waiting on a replacement for (order 1240****) nor is it about the other orders that I had to cancel because they just never arrived. This is about the charge of $858 that’s on my RH credit card from 2014.

After countless conversations where representatives of RH tell me “yes, we see where you returned these items this charge should not be on your RH credit card” THE CHARGE REMAINS THERE. I HAVE BEEN LIED TO TIME AND TIME AGAIN BY RH AND COMENTITY bank. I was literally in tears over this because outside of hiring an attorney how do I get a CC company to remove charges that aren’t mine? I’ve disputed this charge over FIVE times.

Month after month I call in and they say we will take care of it we see it’s an error and again nothing is done. I get a letter in the mail that says the charge is valid and the process starts again. I will NEVER do business with RH again. No amount of gift cards, no amount of 40% off discounts from Gary Friedman, which I also received because I had to cancel an order that I never received will get me to do business with RH again.

I am absolutely disgusted by this company and their business practices. I feel like I’m being robbed of $858 and there’s nothing I can do about it. No one will tell me what the charge is for, no one will connect it to an order all they say is yes we see where it’s an error we will take care of it, by your next billing cycle it will be removed….so I wait like a fool and month after month the charge remains. Since 4pm today and it’s now past 8pm I have been trying to make sense of RH’s convoluted credit card bill and they have put the responsibility on me to prove that these charges are not mine.

Even though I’ve spoken to numerous RH reps (Alexis, Jessica Faria, Morgan) who have said that I don’t owe any money for the chairs that I returned, the chairs that I was charged an $858 dollar deposit for. Bonnielynne Haskell is of the impression that the $858 charge can’t be for the chairs that I returned there must be some other charge of $858, again no one at RH will say what the charge is for. My order history has been reviewed and guess what….no charge of $858 other than the dining room chairs that were sent out to me incorrectly that had to be returned. I no longer have my credit card statements from 2015 nor will RH Credit Card’s company Comenity Bank provide me with statements that are over 12 months old.

I feel hopeless but I refuse to just give RH $858. I will complain to the BBB, I will seek the advice of an attorney, I will file a formal complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, I will do whatever I have to do and let as many people know to stay away from RH and to stay away from their credit card company Comenity Bank.


Product or Service Mentioned: Restoration Hardware Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $858.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Restoration Hardware Cons: Terrible customer service.

Location: Norcross, Georgia

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Well I'll never go there again. I don't like the way that sounds.

Besides, how much taupe on taupe can you stand?

It's as though they are perpetrating a great hoax on us all. Elegance does not limit itself to a single palate.


At my local store today, I showed the manager that two identical items were priced differently. He said both items would be the higher price.

Higher price. Ive never had that happen anywhere, so I called the corporate office. Yes, that is their policy. This doesn't compare to your problem.

That is crazy-making, I tell you.

I'm sorry you're going through that. I just wanted to share a story so you know I, too, will never shop there again.

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