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Purchased the Dutch Industrial coffee table in espresso about 12 months ago. The finish has worn horribly.

I have had many coffee tables and other tables in my life and I know how to use furniture gently. However this table is clearly made for looking at, not living with. When I contacted the company’s “customer delight“ team, my call was taken by an unfriendly rep who proceeded to tell me that the damage in the photos I sent was “customer inflicted”. Apparently the company equates utilizing its products with inflicting our lives on them.

The disdain with which I was treated by the representative for suggesting that the company should take some responsibility for helping us repair this item was inexcusable.

When people pay outrageous amounts of money for products that don’t hold up, it is unconscionable to turn around and suggest that the customer is at fault for the quality problem. Restoration Hardware sells some very attractive eye candy, but its products are not backed up by quality or service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Send someone to repair the finish at the company’s expense.

Restoration Hardware Pros: Design is beautiful.

Restoration Hardware Cons: Support, Refund and replace policy.

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"an unfriendly rep who proceeded to tell me that the damage in the photos I sent was 'customer inflicted'." Because those circles in the photos were clearly caused by glasses not being placed on coasters. Meaning that whoever in your family put those glasses down inflicted that damage.

It even tells you in the product details the wood is unfinished. Why would you put glasses with no coasters down on unfinished wood?

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