I have been buying RH for 10+years and I can think of one or two transaction that were not a circus. The most recent will be the last, and Im sad about that.

I decided to get a sofa and 2 chairs then realized I needed 2 more chairs. The first order the agent suggested I get an RH credit card so I did. I added the new credit card to the order (which have unusually low limits considering the price of their furniture) and my bank card. On this order RH fully charged my bank card multiple times in error, before putting the correct charge on the cc.

This was just one error with that order. Fast forward 2 months I decided to pay off the RH balanced. Then I ordered 2 more chairs, normal stuff for a credit card company. But not RH, theres a waiting period of an unknown time because I sent them a large amount of money (it wasnt) to use the card again despite $0 balance.

Now I got a letter from their credit card co. they want a copy of my bank statements and social security card, among other stuff.

Lol. Sure thing Ill get right on it.

Restoration Hardware Cons: Circus.

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