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Update by user Jun 11, 2015

It is 6 months later and we still do not have an undamaged table in our home from RH. They have since delivered at least 5 different tables to our home.

ALL arrived with damage.

Furthermore, this table is advertised as "solid oak". The most common defect that we have seen on this table is that it is in fact NOT solid oak. Rather, it has thin sticker like wood veneers for the "planks", all of which lift and peel.

RH did send us another replacement this past week (June!). This issue has been going on since December.

It arrived free of visible defects, but arrived with a hole in the underside of the table and a crack. They refuse to send us further tables, but have noted the damage "should it get worse".

I dont know about you, but when I walked into RH in November 2014 and saw the price of their items I truly thought that I would be receiving top notch quality.

Not only is their furniture inferior quality to what I have seen at, for example, a Basset furniture, their customer service is inferior to most every other company on this planet. I have spent countless days waiting on shipments, hours on the phone with customer service agents that have treated me as though this was my fault in a condescending tone, and experienced an insane amount of stress (which no one should have to experience over a god forsaken table purchase). I strongly urge you to shop elsewhere.

Also...they continue to send me a foot tall stack of catalogs with no instruction on how to be removed from the mailing list. It's almost insulting to see these in my mailbox.

Original review posted by user Dec 07, 2014

We ordered the grand ballaster table for our dining room after the first table we ordered from them (17th Century French Montasery) arrived in horrible shape (massive scuff down the top of the table).

Well, this one also arrived damaged, but the scuff was minor enough to cover with their repair kit (which we paid for and the kit only arrived with half of the components...3 times!!!!).

As of today, after 2.5 months of having this "solid oak" table, we noticed severe cracks along the outside edges of the table top (attached image). There are about 10 of these cracks that appeared suddenly.

This table has been in our dining room unused for 2.5 months. How in the world could this happen???

When I called RH they had the audacity to say to me that "cracking and splitting is normal with age". What?!?! You're telling me that my 1400.00 dining room table is supposed to crack after 2.5 months?

I had an antique, 100 year old, oak table previously that had zero signs of cracking. This is not normal, nor is it acceptable.

The company then proceeded to tell me that my table is out of stock. They refuse to refund my money.

Why would I want the same low quality table in my house when I know that this will just happen again?

A warning to anyone considering shopping with this company... Save your money and go to a trusted furniture store. Even the lowest quality companies produce better product than this! I have never, in my life, seen a table do something like this.

This company also conveniently does not have a facebook page where you can share your experience. You have to rely on their crummy customer service, via telephone where nothing can be publicly documented, to resolve your issue.

Regardless, I will share my experience with everyone that I know.

This company is just too expensive to have any excuse to put out such poor quality.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1355.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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I have had the same experience with RH they keep sending me damage items and pretty much tells me it's my fault and now I have complained so many times and told them what I think about there products and so they toke me they will not sell me anything else because they sell crappy stuff there customer service sucks too


I had the same experience with the same table. I had 3 and all of them eventually started to crack around the edges of the table.

The last one I received the table legs were also cracking.

I was lucky enough to just end it there and get a store credit. Now I have a store credit and I am afraid to buy another table from them.

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