I just recieved a new dining table from Restoration Hardware and though it is nice to look at it is not practical at ALL. Anything you drop on the table (food, water etc...) leaves a stain.

I coudn't believe it. Even when I wiped it up immediately it still left a stain. I have a 5 and 3 year old so this isn't going to work. I just called RH customer service to inquire if there was a sealer that they suggest using......the guy told me if I don't want stains I should use a table cloth!!!!!!!!

Are you kidding me!

I think this table will be returned within the week.

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Thanks for the warning. I was thinking about getting one of their tables (they're beautiful!), but I also plan on using it. :)

I'll look at other options.

PS - sorry the other posters were so snarky. I found your post useful!


***, you don't "dine," you FEED.


Maybe you should have read the product description. I have an unfinished RH table also, and the product clearly indicates it is unsealed.

The real tragedy is that you're illiterate and living in Cedar Park TX. And that you're breeding.

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