Two weeks ago, my wife and I ordered the Newgate Vintage London Clock, which was $312.66 (with shipping). Five days later we received the clock, which was defective due to a malfunction with the hour hand. We called customer service who stated that we could return the defective one and once received and processed, they would send out a new one; or I could order a second clock, pay for it, and they could ship it while the other was being returned. Once returned, they would process a credit. They offered no shipping or product credit, but I agreed anyway.

Today, we received the second clock, which had the exact same defect. I called customer service who made me the same offer again. This time I demanded a credit for shipping or against the cost of the product for the hassle and inconvenience. They refused. I cannot express how disappointed I am in both the quality of the product as well the their customer service response. Needless to say, we will be ordering a clock from somewhere else. How embarassing for Restoration Hardware to have such a lack of concern over resolving the issue and making it right with the customer. We will not be ordering anything from them again.

- Scott, Oklahoma City

Monetary Loss: $625.

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