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I ordered a clearance table whose pedestal came damaged.They never unloaded it.

I contacted customer service who said it was non-returnable. I had to convince them I never got it. They stated it was out of stock even though it was still on the sight. I saw it disappear right in front of me!

So I ordered a different table. It just arrived and is missing the hardware. When I checked the sight, I noticed that the original table is available again! I worry that they will deliver the same damaged table to somone else.

One hand doesn't know what the other is doing.


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RH has changed for the worse.Only One store in NY.

I have some great bedroom furniture that I bought a few years ago. They no longer carry any of that. Even their leather sofas are of a poorer quality now. The cushions are just horrible!

The only thing left to buy there is the towels! They're the best.

I don't know what customer RH is aiming to attract b/c they aren't doing a very good job.Let's see how long RH stays in business!

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