We received our chairs and upon inspection found them all chipped. On a black painted chair, chipping is very obvious. Customer service told us the chairs were on back order and "offered" us the upgraded heathered chairs instead for our troubles for the SAME PRICE. A few weeks later received the original chairs we ordered CHIPPED AGAIN obviously.

Customer service was no help rescinding their original offer of the upgraded chairs because it was "not possible" and it costs more, unless we wanted to pay extra. WHY WOULD THEY OFFER IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? and then we are "surprised" with our original chairs that are on back order?

Basically this remains unresolved. It has been 2 months. If we send the chairs back they will continue sending us chipped ones. Customer service won't honour their offer of the upgrade chairs.

Cannot believe that some people worship this store. Horrible product and service. It's all a front.

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