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I'll preface this post by saying that we bought our entire dining room from RH that we love, but took about 6 months and 2 mistakes for them to actually get it right. I was disappointed in their mistakes and the timing of how long it would take for us to get 8 chairs, but let it go because we absolutely love everything about it. Recently we went to the Walnut Creek store and ordered the 2 iron consoles that of course we could not see at the store. When they came to our home, they didn't even look like the same color that we saw online and had a very cheap wood on top. I was in shock - and let them know that these are a return.

I really wish my story would end here...but sadly it gets worse. One of the delivery guys asked if they could use my restroom. I of course said yes - I let him use the downstairs guest room bathroom which I turned into a playroom for my daughter. This is during the time that the other two delivery guys were unpacking the iron consoles. I noticed he was gone a while and I was busy waiting for the consoles while attending to my two year old. All of a sudden I'm overwhelmed with the smell of you know what! I see him sneaking out and I of course feel like something is not right...and of course it wasn't - he CLOGGED our toilet - there was water all over my hardwood floor and on the side of the sink cabinet - it was something disgusting - then in the garbage can he put his paper that obviously wouldn't flush - so in my gargabe can I had *** paper. I immediately took my daughter out of there and at this point they were trying to ask me about why I wanted to return the consoles and I let them know it's not the color it shows online. I looked at him and said "Did you honestly clog my toilet?" he said no - flat out lied - I looked at him and said "I'm trying to be respectful to you, but you don't do that to someone's house!"

I had put cleaning gloves on, disinfect everything - that was with stranger's ***, clean my toilet, my floors had some water damage, and I vomited about twice.

Wish it would end here as this was the delivery from *** - RH called my husband and at this point he left his work early because I called and explained to him what took place and he was in shock. The customer service lady was very apologetic, and said we would get a refund for the item and also our delivery fee and that someone would follow up with us - no one followed up with us and we are still waiting (A WEEK LATER) for our refund. No one can give us an answer of when we will get our refund - from having worked in banking for many years, I know it shouldn't take longer than 3-5 days! This company is horrible - do yourself a favor and order from Haute House, or Ethan Allen - anywhere else but this joke of a company that is selling cheap furniture at ridiculous prices and doesn't even have the right caliber customer service. I'll update this post once my refund actually hits or if I have to go through *** and back to get it which is what I'm anticipating

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Restoration Hardware Cons: Quality.

Location: Livermore, California

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We are truly embarrassed for this awful experience and would love to make this right for you.

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