I ordered entire ROOMS of furniture this summer. My entertainment center was ordered in April of 2021.

My order CONTINUES to be pushed back over and over again. I'm now told my entertainment center will arrive at the end of Jan. 2022!!!! I ordered more furniture in EARLY July with LATE October delivery dates and today I learned it "might" arrive the week before Christmas!

This is completely unacceptable! If I'd known I'd spend Thanksgiving without furniture, I would have purchased furniture from a different company. And I don't believe for ONE MINUTE they will delivery my furniture on Dec. 20th!

Who wants to deal with furniture delivery the week of Christmas??? I would have NEVER PURCHASED all these items with that kind of delivery date! They continue to "piece-meal" me items that were part of a design scheme so starting over somewhere else would be difficult because the pieces I do have match. In addition...I continue to pay shipping fees to accommodate THEIR back log.

If RH had any integrity...they would STOP taking on new business when they can't handle the orders/customers they have. I have spent $75,000 with this company! If you are sitting in an empty home....DO NOT RELY ON RESTORATION HARDWARE! They will take your money, especially if it's a custom designed item....when you promise to pay...but will then delay your orders up to 9 months (at least in my experience)!

My sofa was the place my guests were supposed to sleep for Thanksgiving. Now I have to cancel my holiday and hope to secure a location for my guests or locate used furniture to supplement. I get these are "first world" problems but their disclaimer about delays needs to say in ALL CAPS!!!! DELAYS COULD BE UP TO 12 MONTHS and then at least their Buyers could make informed decisions!

I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about these "bait and switch" issues. They think their covering themselves with this "vague disclosure" at the top of their website saying "their could be delays." BE HONEST RH. Delays? Like a year?

Should be DISCLOSED AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. So disappointed. I love their stuff!

But they only seem to care about their bottom line. You will order "some things" and then be STUCK with WAITING because half your room is complete with other custom designed items.


Location: Englewood, Florida

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