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Company has items on website that are not available.

I ordered some outdoor cushions from the Restoration Hardware website the other day- I spent a lot of time figuring out what sizes I needed in cushions and the quantities I needed of each one. The only reason I ordered these cushions and spent a lot of money was because one style of cushion was advertised at $19 each. I ended up ordering almost $600 worth of cushions. The next morning I receive an email saying that the $19 cushions are no longer available. Keep in mind that these cushions were the main reason I placed the order and I have no need for the rest if I can't get them. I called customer service and they told me that the cushions aren't available and that all of the others have already shipped and I will need to take them back to UPS and tell them I am refusing shipment. Next day: I happen to be curious to see what the website says about those "unavailable cushions" IT STILL HAS THE ITEM IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE TO ORDER!!!! How many others are wasting their time and ordering these items too? I almost feel like they have this "cheap" item on the site in order to get others to order multiple items and then they just cancel out the "cheap, but not really available" item. Are they being purposefully deceptive or are they just clueless about customer service, inventory, and how to manage a website? If they know an item is not available, they have an obligation to update the website immediately so that others don't have the same experience.
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Restoration Hardware Highly Unethical Business Practices

In January of this year I purchased a dressing table from Restoration Hardware. I stayed home from work to wait for delivery. It arrived damaged. They agreed to replace it, but still had exceptionally unflexible delivery policies ("We only deliver to your area on...
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My mother in law accidentally threw out the Restoration Hardware gift certificate we gave her for Christmas, with the wrapping paper. I had the original receipt, so I headed into the store for a replacement.

Come to find out they do not refund nor replace Gift certificates. Apparently they have no way to track if the pice of paper had been redeemed. Funny business practice to not have an accounting department tracking transactions.

Suppose I find some card stock and print my own, or buy a $5.00 certificate and write in a few extra digits and get my $250.00 after all. I can scam them like they scammed me!

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Restoration Hardware - Bad Customer Service, Can't meet delivery times

I experienced extremely bad customer service at Restoration Hardware. An item that was adverised "in stock" with 2 weeks delivery .. now 2 months ;ater and still no couch. No communication from them regarding delayed order that wasn't initiated by me calling or e-mailing them. Five different times, five different people told me they would call me back the next day and NO ONE ever did. Their computer systems are poor, each time I've called their computer says a delivery date that is now well in the past. They have no communication system with customers, or apparently with their vendors. I am so frustrated with them I will never order from them again. Not worth the frustration and I don't want to give my money to a company who has so little concern or regard for their customers. And I still have NO COUCH. eerrrr.
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I've got you beat! I ordered (lots of) patio furniture on March 27th and have yet to receive one item!!

The printout of the order on the day it was placed showed two items would not be available until May 10th. Finally, on May 25th, I was told my items were being held to ship together...and several items were now backordered until July. The CS rep released the items in stock to ship (allegedly on that day) and I have still NOT received them to date (6/18). Tonight, I checked my order status after receiving an email announcing a "sale" on patio furniture to find that several items are now cheaper than when I ordered them.

The CS rep I spoke to tonight did price adjust the items...and told me I would not receive them until mid-August. REALLY???? On an order placed in March??? I had hoped to be able to sit on my patio THIS year.

Never again.

And had I known it would have taken this long, I would have purchased from another vendor. Sorry, RH, love the look, can't live with the lack of delivery.


I just experienced possibly the WORST customer service in years from the manager in your DC store, Claudia tonight when I entered your store to return an item. My experience actually started while I was waiting and observing her interactions with the previous customer, who like myself would end up having a difficult return due to Claudia’s very bad attitude and lack of care.

This poor man was sent in by his wife to return a few items and had been working with a different sales associate. When he gave up dealing with Claudia, his final request before storming out was “can you tell me when the customer service associate I had been working with is in next? She knows this order history.” Claudia’s response to this man actually started my anger. She replied “I can’t give out sales associate schedules.” I could not believe Claudia could not even be so helpful as to tell this man in his early 50s when the representative he had already been working with would be in the store next.

When I presented my item for return, Claudia’s attitude seemed to be pent up frustration left over from the previous customer when she said “I’m only giving you $318 back.” No explanation. That was it. I said “I paid $344.” She retorted snidely “We don’t give returns on shipping.” I had told her that I had called your 800 number before coming in and was told by a rep named Mary that I would get everything back.” Then Claudia had the absolute audacity to tell ME to drop MY attitude and that “she was trying to help me get my money back,” as if to say my return within the 30 days was somehow not permitted. She got someone on the phone who she seemingly set up to tell me the same thing, saying ‘some mystery representative told him he gets shipping back.’ I was already angered by Claudia’s attitude when I spoke to the rep.

Your franchise is doing no one any favors by having these kinds of employees. Plenty of better natured folks are out there to hire. In fact, Andre, at your now closed Alexandria store was such a help when I made my $3,000 bathroom renovation purchase. All I was trying to do this evening was return a $344 towel rack, and I got oh so much more from Claudia, who clearly does not enjoy here job.

In Claudia’s opening remarks to the rep on the phone, I could hear the rep ask her how her day was, and her response was a begrudging “Oh you have no idea.” This low level of professionalism is something I would expect from Target, NOT Restoration Hardware. I am thoroughly disappointed by your store and I know I have choices- I am not done remodeling my bathroom and other rooms in my condo and will happily take my business to Room and Board, West Elm or any of the other home furniture stores with 100% better customer service that what your DC store offers.

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