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Spent a lot of money with RH over the years including a large order recently. One item (bed spread) fell apart at the seams (literally) within a short period of time. In looking more closely at the stitching, it is clear that this was a poorly made, though expensive, product. We discussed this with a sales clerk at the store who agreed that the product was defective and sent us to call customer service. Customer service was unhelpful, refused to... Read more

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Their designer at Houston Gallery lied to us that we should place the order right away when we just first visited the shop. The reason is in case they discontinued the item we want. It is not something cheap. It cost us $16,000. The designer told us not to worry because we can go back to change whatever we want in 90 days, even cancel the order if we wish, and nothing would be charged before they are ready to deliver the item. (Whatever she said... Read more

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Restoration Hardware - Printmaker's queen size storage bed
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The bed squeaks loudly whenever you roll over. It looks like there are notches for slats that would stabilize the bed but no slats were installed. We sent photos to RH. They sent bed assembly instructions which showed the bed boards running horizontally rather than vertically (as on our bed). Obviously this was incorrect and would not work on our bed. Also, the center wooden pole which fits into slots at the headboard and the foot of the bed... Read more

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My wife and I went to RH as part of a remodel we are doing at our home. The staff was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. We were able to select the furniture and fixtures to completely revamp 3 rooms in our home without the normal anxiety attendant with remodeling. RH had it all in one location, so we didn't have to make the traditional trek to to a dozen different decorating locations, nor did we have to visit more than twice. The wide... Read more

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We were told that dinning chairs we ordered were custom made and will be ready to be shipped by end of July. When we wanted to change the order 2 weeks after placing the order, the in-store sales rep informed us that products were ready to be shipped so couldn't make any changes. We then decided to stick with the original order. While we received our dinning table, we found out dinning chairs were not shipped together and they were actually... Read more

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I couldn't agree with the OP more. I ordered an expensive Restoration Hardware "French Academie iron bed with footboard" in a Cal King size. This was one of the worst products I have ever purchased. The cross bars provided NO support to the actual box springs. The entirety of the bed (assembled by RH contractors) was a creaky, loud, un-supportive MESS. I sold it for about 1/3 of what I paid for it, losing even more than the original... Read more

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Bought a $2000 dining table and after four years and one move the mechanics to take it apart to allow it out the door busted. Called RH and they had no idea anything about the furniture they are even selling! It took 4 days and an email for them to send the mechanics of it and ... Oh wait nope they still haven't sent it two weeks later. Asked if I could get a partial refund and they are unsympathetic and condescending. Read more

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I have both the coffee table and dining table in the Black Acacia Finish (about 1 year). Both pieces of furniture finishes have white spots where the paint has chipped off or where pieces of the wood have "popped" up and flaked off, because of the deep groove finish any fabric that runs across is caught in the grooves and leaves threads in the tops, unless you clean with a black cloth fibers can clearly be seen in the grooves of the table top,... Read more

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The Royal Naval mirror medicine cabinet appears to be a well made product but the install instructions are disappointing. Is it too much to ask when spending $500 on a mirror for RH to take the time to put together decent instructions? The product is made overseas but that does not mean they need a person with English as their second language to write the instructions. The pictures they took are so grainy it is hard to determine what you are... Read more

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It is now June 7, 2016 and since 2015 I’ve been trying to work with Restoration Hardware and the company that issues their credit card, Comentity Bank to resolve a billing error on my credit card statement with no avail. The fact that I’m still being charged $858 for items from 2014 that I had to return twice, that were sent out to me TWICE incorrectly speaks very clearly of the type of company RH is. Time and time again I’ve given them chances... Read more

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