Restoration hardware ceo sexual predator

Update added by user Aug 14, 2012

gary friedman has admitted that he directly gave eva vaughan a mid level employee, with 5 weeks or so on the job, a 10k dollar per year raise, 10 days after entering a sexual relationship with her.

big problem, no good explanation accept gary friedman mis used company funds.

Update added by user Jul 14, 2012


Update added by user Jul 14, 2012

restoration hardware ceo gary friedman being investigated by board of directors

Original review posted by user Jul 14, 2012

attached is an audio recording of messages left on the telephone of eva vaughan, a 26 yr old employee of restoration hardware, by gary friedman your CEO.

the board of directors of restoration hardware has hired a major law firm to fully investigate the sexual relationship between eva and gary,

eva was hired by gary friedman after meeting him under social circumstances. eva was hired and her contract was for a salary of 75k per year, she moved across the country to take this job. after approximately 3 weeks on the job gary asked eva how her apartment hunting was going, eva informed him it was taking a bit longer than she anticipated as she did not realize how expensive rent's were in san francisco, gary then asked eva what her salary was, eva replied 75k per year.

gary told eva to immediately go to the person who handles payroll and tell them "gary friedman asked me to inform you to raise my salary to 85k dollars per year, if you have any questions call him". this was done by gary without the knowledge of eva's direct bosses jennifer white and gary spain.

eva's work experience prior to joining restoration hardware, was 3 years as an asst designer of children's CLOTHING at ralph lauren, with a salary of 37k dollars per year, she had no experience at all in the furniture or retail business, yet she was hired by gary for a mid level job in the furniture business.

were there not any existing qualified employees in the restoration hardware organization to fill this position, or could he not have recruited any number of the many talented and experienced furniture industry professionals that are available and looking for work in this challenging job market?

gary has been engaged in a sexual relationship with eva for a very long part of her employment at restoration hardware, as this recording will demonstrate.

the story goes much deeper, i suggest you ask gary friedman or eva vaughan about what ended up happening to eva as a result of eva breaking a date they had planned for a saturday with gary's twins, the outcome was minuets away from a tragedy.

this message is to inform restoration hardware employees of the ethics of their ceo and a warning that gary is willing to abuse his power and put female employees in the uncomfortable position where they have to say yes or no to their bosses sexual advances, neither choice is good.

you decide if gary is a sexual predator, or if his behavior is acceptable.

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Jan 05, 2013 #589740

The woman had a sexual relationship with her boss of her own volition. If this guy was a stalker or troll, fine sue him. But every finger can't be pointed at him.


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Dec 21, 2012 #585174

This company and their investors need to look into the hit and run case of the former girlfriend and see if this man is a possible murderer. He has all the makings of a sociopath so it would not be surprising

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Dec 29, 2012 #587411

Maybe some background checks are in order for many people at this company. You know who you are

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Dec 29, 2012 #587412

This is the worst company ever!!! DO NOT BUY ANY OF THEIR "LUXURY" ITEMS AS THEY ARE NOT AT ALL!!!!

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Richard Parker

Nov 12, 2012 #568200

Arnold, you sound a little unhinged. Regardless of the facts in the story, you are spewing libel and both the CEO and the girlfriend should sue you for being so dumb. Dragging someone's personal medical condition on a national website? She should definitely go after you.

It's none of anyone's business except the Board's, and this is just gossip anyway. This guy must have fired you for you to spend so much time obsessing about it.

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arnold rothstein

Aug 24, 2012 #533325

happy truth is out
you are right on the money, with what you wrote. whole truth is not out yet, restoration will have to give real details in their next s1 filing with the sec. gary will be shown as a much bigger low life than he is, but it will be the company saying it not me.

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Happy truth is out

Aug 21, 2012 #531643

Arnold, Thank you for posting what many have wanted to say for so long. This is not Gary Friedman's first victim. The sad thing is the person writing under the name "free speech" is part of the PR firm and Restoration Hardware spin team. The two investment companies that own restoration Hardware have everything to lose! They and Gary needed this IPO to bail them all out of a bad investment. Gary did the same predator activity at William Sonoma/Pottery Barn. They got rid of him and he went to Restoration Hardware. He didn't save them! He destroyed them and screwed the stockholders. He found the investors and took the company to where it is today. 150+ Million in debt, a knock-off factory, that supports his very large ego! This sick love triangle came at the perfect time. Hey gary, your next letter in the catalog should talk about Karma. This young girl should feel lucky to be alive. His last 20 something {affair} was killed while jogging a victim of a hit and run the driver never found. This man is bad news and his VP's in the main office know it.

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Aug 17, 2012 #530164

I can't find the link to the audio recording. Can you send it to me? I'd like to evaluate the statements and make my decision about Restoration Hardware.

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arnold rothstein

Aug 16, 2012 #529394

there are so many more details to this story that are so bad, that i will not bring up. if restoration hardware fired the face of the company you should be smart enough to now realize how bad gary's actions were and my reason for being so hard on him.

no need to rehash this, in time you will find out more from the major media, this story is not going away so quickly.

the press release was a joke, restorations main guy is forming a new company that restoration will only have a minority interest in and they will have the right to buy any successful things gary builds. billion dollar companies dont get rid of their most important employee in the middle of trying to go public. restoration had a fiduciary responsibility to fire gary, they know all the facts, you know nothing except you want to put the blame on a emotionally troubled girl who fell victim to a older powerful man who happened to be her boss.

just because someone takes an action it does not mean it was completely voluntarily. this girl eva does not sound like a very good person and her illness does not give her a free pass, i feel bad for this girl she is trapped and dependant on gary. when you have a mental illness it is not just so easy too walk away.

maybe now you will show compassion for eva, yes she is a user and cheat but it is not so black and white. gary got part of what he deserved but it will get worse for him in very short order. as i
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Aug 14, 2012 #528852

Your inability to have an intelligent debate or even discuss the situation with a measured approach is so revealing. Who says to someone "you should die you ignorant ***"? Only a really unsophisticated and clearly frustrated individual. Let's try and raise the level of discourse why don't we.

I totally disagree with the intent and tone of your original post. When you decide to put your rant in the public domain, you have to be willing to take on people that will potentially challenge you. This seems to really thrown you off balance.

You position yourself as the only person with all of the facts and that your intentions are only the best. I just don't buy what your selling and you can't handle that.

You have been so coarse and mean spirited in the way you have written about these people. None of it is is the internet for god's sake. Just because you write it or someone reads it, doesn't make it fact. I wouldn't have even bothered to jump in if you weren't so smug. You try and position yourself like you are adding value or making a PSA.

You will trash EV in one sentence and say you hope nothing but the best for her in the next. You do get how dysfunctional that makes you appear?

I think I have provided the necessary balance and counter points to your rambling onslaught. My work here is done ;)

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arnold rothstein

Aug 14, 2012 #528775

the fact that i have even responded to your comment's makes me feel foolish. your an ignorant person who if not a stooge for ev or gf you are just plain ***. you don't get the point, gary gave eva a 10k dollar raise 10 days after they started a sexual relationship.
if gary could not tell eva had mental problems (severe depression) then he is blind and not a very good judge of character. yes people hide mental illness, but if you live with someone for 4 or 5 months, you would have to be blind and *** not to see something. if he is that clueless he should not be ceo of restoration.

again you blame eva, you should die you ignorant ***. have fun talking to yourself, lets see how this show ends.

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Aug 13, 2012 #528435

Arnold or whoever you really are,

If the subject matter wasn't so serious, I would almost find you amusing. You try and argue so many angles in such a non-linear fashion, with such basic grammatical errors, it is you I suggest, that is developmentally challenged.

I am not GF or EV. I was not, nor am I currently witness to their lives. I don't know the facts of the situation that have gone on between them. Unless you are the ex-boyfriend, either do you. If you are the ex, then I certainly would take everything you post about these two people with a bucket of salt.

I don't think anyone walks on water, but I do know that it takes two people to have a relationship. Unless EV is a 15 year old girl in a place like Afghanistan, I feel confident she made her own choice in this matter. I have agreed in previous posts that I don't condone the dynamic of senior executives dating below the ranks. If GF gets in trouble for his actions, than so be it. It will not prove your points or invalidate mine. This is really the business of the people directly effected (GF and EV) and a few private investors/share holders of the company.

Lastly, I am very sensitive about people who suffer from mental illness. I am also clear that often people hide their condition as best they can from perspective employers and romantic interests. I don't know this for fact, but I suspect EV did not disclose her level of instability (if indeed
... Show more

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arnold rothstein

Aug 13, 2012 #528264

so you are saying gary walks on water, he did nothing wrong. it is eva's fault because she succumbed to the advances mad by her rich 55yr old powerful bosses promises of a great future. she was so unhappy that she would sent messages to people saying she is so depressed she can not get out of bed or go to work for a week at a time.

so your saying tough on eva, to bad she suffers from a mental illness, to bad she is vulnerable because of her mental illness and its ok for a powerful rich man to prey on the emotional weaknesses of people who are dependent on them..

you really have a lot of compassion for people who suffer from mental illness.. do you think we should tell the vets coming home from iraq, that lost limbs to"suck it up, you decided to join the army tough luck your legs got blown off"

you are really a ***, you have no facts you know nothing about what wen't on, either on the business side or the relationship side.

nobody cares who eva is screwing this is about a ceo screwing an underling. all of corporate america agrees with me ceo's should not have relationships with employees. one reason is, it puts the employee in a very bad position, it is hard to say know, most woman would feel very uncomfortable,and someone who wants her job more than anything, might be afraid to say no.

if you dont see that your just an animal, or a ***.

did you ever hear a phrase " you
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Arnold rothstein

Aug 13, 2012 #528238


you keep insulting but do not answer any of the questions or address the facts. you are ignorant, you clearly are having trouble understanding what happened, most importantant you do no address gary friedman giving 10k dollars of company money to his gf. can you address the questions or stop writing.

your acting as if eva's ex or anyone else is responsible for what gary's actions caused eva to do. eva's ex picked her up off the floor of his house with her wrist slit, called an ambulance and saved her life.

you don't think gary should be publicly exposed? 100's of people from rest to eva's friends and acquaintances new what happened within a few days of this, word gets around people talk. i'm not saying that its a good thing but it is reality. would you feel differently if you were shown information (not from me) from a police report as to what happened due to gary's berating eva on the phone and making her hysterically cry to the point she tried to kill herself? then would you be able to understand that gary is a *** and your an ignorant ***. you think its bad that i repeat eva's ex's story so others are protected from her fate..
eva and gary put word of her suiside attempt out there to 100's of people, they tell one person,that person tells 5 others..........

ignorant people like you make me understand why it is so easy for people with half a brain to get ahead in life. the only concern anyone should
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Aug 13, 2012 #528166

Dearest Arnold,

You have truly exposed yourself as the hysterical looser that you are. How upsetting that you continue to try and trash this woman's reputation, by making allegations that she tried to kill herself now. I have no clue if what you wrote is true or not, but I am sure of one thing, you are a real *** bag.

I am not a stooge, I don't live in a trailer park (not like there is anything wrong with that btw), and I really don't care much about the personal lives of other people. What does get my blood boiling is someone like yourself who will stop at nothing to try and ruin other people's lives. You should be ashamed of yourself...but I won't be surprised if your not. Most boarder line personalities have huge blind spots, and your appears to be the size of Texas.

Let's be clear, I advocate personal responsibility. If what you said is true about EV's attempt to take her life, and had she succeeded, it would not be anyone's fault but her own. GF didn't make her do anything and her ex (or you) likely didn't save her. When someone really wants to check out, they do it in a way that ensures the outcome. Your no hero and she is not a victim

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arnold rothstein

Aug 13, 2012 #528037


your an ignorant stooge of gary or ev, how can you say that a girl who tried to comitt suicide less than 30 days ago, had the presence of mind to make rational decisions and was not vulnerable. your personally attacking me is funny, it shows your a stooge of gary or ev. you actually think ev is healthy, she slit her wrist and was comitted to a mental hospital for 72 hrs involuntarily, i hope she gets help and lives a happy healthy life, with gary without gary, whatever makes her happy. who is protecting her.

just to be clear, are you saying she is healthy woman who can make rational decisions inspite of the fact she slit her wrist and was within minets of losing her life? your a *** go kill yourself your an animal to defend that low life sexual predator friedman. i hope he sues me i would kill for the chance to get his deposition under oath. you a loser you don't care that a 26 yr old gir came within minets of losing her life because friedman was jealous and threatening her because she was screwing he r ex and was at his house in la that she chose to go to. i hope you die and if you have kids i pray they try to kill themselves because of a guy like gary. dont respond, i could care less what some trailer park stooge has to say. go back to your 20dollar hour job and try to get ahead in life so you can be your own man.. you are going to be in for a very big surprise, and look like a ***.

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Arnold rothstein

Aug 13, 2012 #528034

this is not about anyone caring who eva chooses to date or sleep with, this is strictly about the fact eva, even though she is a grown woman, one month ago after getting off of a phone call where her boss/boyfriend was berating her and having her hysterically crying, locked herself in the bathroom of her ex bf house and slit her wrist attempting suicide, her ex bf saved her life and called the paramedics who had her comitted to a mental hospital. she is a girl who has some mental issues she needs to deal with, there is nothing wrong with that. 20 million americans suffer from some form of depression there is no stigma to that. if she gets help and gets on the right meds, she will be in a position to make rational well informed decisions, if that decision is to marry gary friedman, then that is what she should do. but to call her a woman who is in a position to make rational decisions less than 30 days from a very serious attempt at suicide is an ignorant statement,her ex saved her life, they had been apart for months, he brought her to la because she reached out to him, luckily his gut to get her to la was right if not she would probably be dead. you do not get involuntarily committed to a mental facility because you are capable of making rational choices. all im saying gary did do something wrong, his berating eva was the catalyst for eva 's suicide attempt, it is not gary's fault that eva suffers from severe depression, unfortunately his actions served as the catalyst.... Show more

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Aug 11, 2012 #527249

Dear Arnold,

I would like to thank you for your concern, however, as a WOMAN (not child as you've referred) in her late 20's, I'd like to think I am fully capable of making ALL of my decisions.
If you truly are an altruistic human being, why not adopt a child and put all of this energy into a beautiful life?

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Aug 08, 2012 #525835

Sorry Barry(Arnold), Sounds like EV has made a decison to move on, take it like a man and walk.

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Aug 08, 2012 #525803

I suggest you wipe the foam from your mouth "arnold". You appear to have gone rabid.

Your right, I don't know for certain what the nature of these two peoples relationship was/is. But what I do know is that an adult woman should not be made out to be a helpless victim. Woman have come to far to be pushed down by bullies like you. You make so many unfounded claims about what GF did and how EV reacted, that it would be hard for me to decipher what really happened from where I sit. I always try to consider the source...and in this case, I have a cowardly blogger, who is bent on trashing two people publicly. Your motives appear transparent, vicious and unrelenting. This is so far beyond a "concerned consumer" moment. You don't care about subordinates being taken advantage of, or equality in the workplace. You care about these two people having a relationship and subsequently leaving you in the dust! Go on with your bad only continue to look small in the process.
We all make choices in life. EV made a choice to work for Resto. She apparently also made a choice to leave voluntarily, for whatever reason. Your insinuation that somehow she has been forced or manipulated, is again just offensive. We are talking about a grown woman, not a child. You seem to thrive on reducing this person to a helpless victim that has been taken advantage of. What if she set her sights on him? What if she was the aggressor in the beginning? What if he
... Show more

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