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For Christmas 2014, I had ordered 14 faux fur blankets online and feverishly attempted to make sure that each one had its own box with a ribbon for a holiday gift. I was extremely specific with my order and called the customer service to follow up. The customer service rep says that they have to consolidate all of the blankets as much as possible for shipping. I said, "wait a minute, I am paying for all the shipping and all of the boxes, so you are saying to me, you are over charging me for the request for the gift boxes for each blanket as... Read more

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100% FULL

I have ordered so many items from RH and almost every single item I have gotten has been damaged or has a defect and I have complained to RH about my problems with damaged products and waitin at home for the delivery company and never shows up no one calls to tell me why they never showed up I have to call to see what happen nobody from RH will follow up like they say. Now RH corporate emailed me stating that they can't meet my standard and will no longer will being doing any business with me they canceled my warranty items and pending items.... Read more

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We But a metal chairs and we love them. Add comment

I'll preface this post by saying that we bought our entire dining room from RH that we love, but took about 6 months and 2 mistakes for them to actually get it right. I was disappointed in their mistakes and the timing of how long it would take for us to get 8 chairs, but let it go because we absolutely love everything about it. Recently we went to the Walnut Creek store and ordered the 2 iron consoles that of course we could not see at the store. When they came to our home, they didn't even look like the same color that we saw online and had... Read more

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I understand RH's marketing with displayed items that are then ordered. However we have bought multiple items where the quality is less than the one displayed in the store. The back and forth returns added to the overall cost of the item. One clock we bought, after the third exchange of continued inferior quality, we went to the store and said you have to take this one and we will be taking the display one instead. When you spend $100's of dollars for a clock, you want straight up 12 o'clock to be straight up 12 o'clock, not 11:57. That... Read more

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I purchased a bed frame from Restoration Hardware. $2,000 and 2 weeks later, the bed arrived at my home without any of the hardware. After spending over a half hour on the phone with their "customer service" department, I was told I would have to wait a month to receive the hardware. It took multiple requests for this to be elevated to a supervisor who told me due to previous hardware requests, the timeline of receiving my missing items will not change. I am now sleeping with my mattress on the floor while I wait a month for the hardware to... Read more

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What a company they charge my credit card ship me damaged good then won't send me the replacements until some sort of credit process happens. Meanwhile I'm charged for the goods and they wait until they are ready. Awful! They are the worst. This is my second bad experience. Don't buy from them. They are not customer oriented !!! And they tell me ther is nothing they can do. We are ts.king about a $27 credit. A big company Ike that can't eat the $27. Read more

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I am a first time customer of RH and I wish I had looked into the company prior to purchase. I am having an issue with the Large Library Media I purchased Nov. 1 2015. I was told it would be a 3 wk wait for delivery. At three weeks I called to inquire and was told it has been put on back order and would not be available for delivery until Early Jan.and...THE DATE IS ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!! Most of the reviews I read are regarding delivery date changes. People are waiting 6-8 months for delivery?!?! I might add that most items arrive... Read more

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Don't buy curtains from the Restoraton Hardware Outlet. They are so uneven. The curtains are suppose to be 84 inches long. In reality, they range from 83-1/2 to 85-1/2. The Ivory curtains also look yellow in the light. You can't return items to the store either and even if you could, it's a 100 mile round trip from Boston. I won't buy from them again! Definite quality issues! Read more

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I wrote the problem with the warm white sconces that talked about the advertised sale price that RH would not honor. I wanted to add that I received an email from a representative of RH yesterday. She had reviewed the messages and apologized on behalf of RH for not honoring the sale price. She made it right and sent me the sconces which I appreciate and am grateful for. And, she said she overnighted the sconces to me. WOW! She went way over and above the call of duty and, like I said, I am appreciative and grateful. Thank you,... Read more

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